Top 9 Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac in 2023

Use one of these top-rated, cost-free Mac typing tools to type like a pro. In today’s technological and computer-based world, sending emails, creating content, and other crucial jobs all depend on typing.

Although more people are switching to voice-based search engines than text-based ones, typing is still becoming exponentially more important. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top typing programs for you that has been thoroughly studied if you want to brush up on and improve your typing abilities.

The Best Free Mac Typing Programs Will Help You Write Like a Pro:

With our best typing apps, you may improve your typing abilities without spending any money. Try out our hand-picked free typing software for Mac before you consider purchasing a commercial version.

1. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor 

KeyBlaze is the best tool for you if you’re seeking for a robust one to learn touch typing, speed typing, and 10-key typing. This one tool can serve the requirements of different user groups and supports a number of profiles, including:

adults who are newcomers Professionals
Children, teenagers, and novices who desire to develop their typing abilities.

It is a simple program that simply concentrates on its core objective, which is to teach simple and efficient typing abilities. It is accessible in a variety of ways and sends users directly to typing instruction in:

Games are a fun and engaging teaching tool.
Tests: Initial tests to determine present ability level, then ongoing tests to monitor improvement.
Practice sessions: Advanced lesson including dictation audio exercises, poems, and problem keys.

This top free typing application includes keyboard layouts including German, UK English, Dvorak, US English, etc. and is available in both free and premium editions.

2. Typist

Do you frequently glance down at your typing fingers? To easily learn touch typing, check out Typist. The program includes a number of practice exercises so you may hone your word-per-minute speed. Additionally, typing programs for Mac guarantee error-free work.

Perfect: What Is It?

It includes a number of typing lessons and exercises intended to raise your accuracy level.
For memorizing the important places, each activity involves a number of lessons and courses.
Six family members can use it at once and it facilitates family sharing.
You will receive a breakdown of your mistakes, typing speed, and keystrokes per minute at the conclusion of each course.

What Should Be Improved?

There are just two languages offered: English and Japanese.

3. Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers LT teaches you how to type properly. It is among the greatest typing apps available for enhancing your typing speed. After passing each level, it also offers a graduation certificate to maintain incentive.

What is ideal?

It uses interactive teaching techniques and includes a number of typing games.
You won’t ever get bored in the lessons because to the music playing in the background.
Kids and adults may both enjoy it.
It employs a “Learning and Playing mode” for better outcomes, with the first level serving as a learning level and the second level being made up of several games with high score objectives.

What can be made better?

Around 29 of the 32 typing levels are accessible through in-app purchases.

4. The Vehicles Typing

This outstanding typing game for beginners and youngsters is the next item in our list of the top free typing apps. With the use of an automobile, learning is made to be more engaging and enjoyable. To keep the automobile going, kids must type the game that is presented in the balloon. In addition, the balloon has a number of intriguing riddles that may be solved by tapping the keys.

What is ideal?

The application has about 30 courses total, with difficulty levels ranging from simple words to complex phrases.
It employs around ten well-known platforms for interactive learning.
Three players can easily alter the game between them.

What can be made better?

The main disadvantage is that it simply emphasizes fundamental typing abilities and is accessible to beginners and young children.

5. Animal Typing – Lite

Animal Typing-Lite is yet another entertaining and humorous typing program for the Mac. Depending on your typing proficiency and speed, the application presents a variety of animals and awards you for correctness.

For instance, it employs a snail to represent sluggish pace and a cheetah to represent fast typing speed.

Perfect: What Is It?

All age groups are welcome.
demonstrates several typing skills using animated fingers.
A variety of keyboard layouts are available for users to choose from, including Azerty (France), Coleman, Qwertz (German/Swiss), Dvorak, and Qwerty (US/UK).
It is simple to swap between different users.

What can be made better?

Even though it is free software, the basic version just has the necessary functions. To get the complete version, lesson set, and kid’s lesson set, one must pay.

6. Master Of Typing 

To improve your typing, start with basic words and work your way up to more challenging ones. You can routinely monitor your development in terms of typing speed and accuracy thanks to Master of Typing’s thorough statistics.

Perfect: What Is It?

It takes a brief exam to determine your present proficiency with typing before progressively introducing higher levels of typing.
It makes use of a colorful keyboard to make learning the various finger positions easier and quicker.
It has clever statistics that show you your top and average scores.

What needs to be improved?

The tool’s free learning sessions are limited, and its commercial edition and in-app purchases provide more difficult levels.
Only the premium edition is free of obtrusive advertisements.

7. Keyboard Virtuoso Light

Try Keyboard Virtuoso Light if the top free typing apps listed above aren’t sufficient for you. It is a well-liked beginner’s tool that offers 20 distinct warm-up stages that assist you in gradually increasing your typing speed.

Perfect: What Is It?

On each successful completion, the program unlocks new levels for interactive learning.
It teaches you to type without looking at the keyboard using a variety of techniques.
For improved accuracy, a tip is shown at the start of each level.

What needs to be improved?

The warm-up sessions and the first 10 sessions are the only ones you may access for free with this typing program for Mac.
You must purchase the full edition if you want access to more classes and lessons.

8. Typesy

Typesy is the last app in our list of the top free typing apps for Mac. This instructional application has a lot of courses and activities and is best suited for adults.

Perfect: What Is It?

You gain points as you go through the stages based on your typing speed, accuracy rate, and level.
It offers specialized instruction on typing symbols, numbers, and keyboard rows.

What Should Be Improved?

Its free edition only offers a few courses.
Buy a premium subscription if you want to have unlimited access to the courses and classes.

9. Speed Typer – Typing Test

Speed Typer is the final item on this list of the top free typing apps for Mac. You may easily test and increase your typing speed with the program. The software’s user interface is quite simple.

Perfect: What Is It?

The program has several elements that you may use to evaluate your typing speed.
You may get a thorough summary of your typing outcomes.

What Should Be Improved?

For a better user experience, the tool may be expanded with new functions.
The tool may occasionally cease functioning or crash.

Best Typing Software 2023, final words

Practice typing with our top-rated, free typing apps. The tools discussed above include a variety of features that make them easy to use and encourage participatory learning.

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