Top 10 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2023

In order to let yourself get lost in your favorite music without worrying about the law or money, let us introduce you to 15 trustworthy sites where you may download music for free.

When life is chaotic, music may provide serenity. When we are going through emotional upheaval, it helps us feel happier, and when we want to celebrate positive emotions, it makes us feel even happier. Every time we feel down, great, or simply need some inspiration to get through the day, we all want to listen to our favorite songs. But are there any places where you can legally download music that also provide free downloads?

You’ll be happy to know that there are a ton of free music download websites available in the digital world. However, we choose to go further into them to locate the genuinely trustworthy ones because not all of them are secure and legitimate.

List of the Top 10 Legal, Free, and 100% Free Music Download Sites

The MP3 music download sites listed here are the best of the best for getting MP3s legally (i.e., without any copyright concerns) and for free.

1. MP3Skull

Let’s start by discussing MP3Skull. It is one of the most well-known music download websites and offers only free and legal music. Additionally, it functions as a video to MP3 converter.

Additionally, MP3Skull is one of the top websites for downloading free music thanks to the wonderful features listed below.
The best aspects of MP3Skull

Entire MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compatibility Support for all Audio III Layer formats
a straightforward and user-friendly interface
rapid downloads and rapid searches
supports downloading files before previewing them
enables downloading from well-known websites including YouTube, Deezer, and 4Shared
enables direct sharing of music across Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp
The storing location for your downloaded files is up to you.

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2. Jamendo


Jamendo, a 2004 Luxembourg-based company, is ranked second on our list of the top sites for free music downloads. You may find over 500,000 free music as well as well produced radio stations here.

Here are the aspects of Jamendo that we found to be the most appealing.
Characteristics of Jamendo

Ensures that all tracks are covered by the Creative Commons License to protect you from copyright issues.
enables you to discover music from independent musicians
Access to music that is available for non-commercial purpose
There is a built-in internet radio.
A “Latest Music” filter that makes it simple to identify freshly uploaded tracks and free downloads from well-known performers

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3. SoundCloud

We’ll go on to discuss SoundCloud music downloaders next. It is one of the most well-liked and effective MP3 download sites with over 135 million tracks with features including a streaming option prior to downloading a track, sharing music streaming with relatives and friends, and adding a video widget to any website.

The following are some more outstanding features of this top website for free music downloads.
The main aspects of SoundCloud

Access to limitless audio
Personalized search options for your favorite music
offers music from well-known and up-and-coming artists.

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4. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is now available. This service offers limitless music downloads and is primarily designed for customers who want royalty-free audio for their YouTube videos.

Here are a few amazing qualities of this website that led us to include it in our list of the top MP3 music download websites.
Important aspects of the YouTube Audio Library

Simple to reach via YouTube Studio
Access to sound effects and unrestricted music
You may do a search for music depending on mood and genre.
As part of the Creative Commons License, tracks are accessible.

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5. Bensound

Bensound is ranked fifth on our list of the top websites for downloading free MP3 music. You may also use instrument-based filters in your search for free music to download in addition to mood and genre filters. Below are a few more intriguing Bensound features.
Characteristics of Bensound

80+ free songs of royalty-free stock music are readily available.
pleasant user interface

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6. Free Music Archive

Another place where you may get music for free is Free Music Archive. You may use the website’s duration-based music search filters and instrumental music search functionality. You also have a choice of sixteen musical subgenres, including jazz, pop, experimental, international, blues, and novelty.

Free Music Archive is among the top websites for downloading free music because of the additional features listed below.
Characteristics of the Free Music Archive

several free music genres
allows you to listen to music without having to download it
superior search engine

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7. Amazon Music

One of the top 10 websites for downloading music is Amazon Music, which may come as a surprise to you. However, it provides a respectable selection of music that you may download without charge. To locate them, simply choose “Free” in the search field.

When it comes to functionality, Amazon Music has a wide range of choices for filtering and modifying search results, as well as the following.
Important aspects of Amazon Music

Access to more than 4,000 free soundtracks
gives you the option to alter your download list
allows you to listen to music before downloading it

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8. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is the next entity we’d like to present to you. ReverbNation gives the option to list tunes that may be streamed through your browser in addition to free song downloads. Additionally, you may listen to music by both established and emerging musicians. Here are some other wonderful ReverbNation features.
Important aspects of ReverbNation

easy to use and welcoming user interface
Genre-based filters to quickly locate music
just a single tap, plays music

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9. SoundClick

Another top website for free music downloads is SoundClick. Both signed and unsigned musicians have songs on it. You may also interact with others, make your own radio stations, and learn more about your favorite musicians.

Additionally, SoundClick is among the finest free MP3 download websites due to the following characteristics.
Key characteristics of SoundClick

Simple and welcoming interface
availability of several music download promotions
many different genres to pick from

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10. The Internet Archive

You may utilize The Internet Archive as one of the top free music download websites in addition to learning how the web appeared in the past. Its Live Music Archive is what we admire about it the best.

The following are other appealing aspects of this free music download service.
The Internet Archive’s main characteristics

On this website, you can exchange songs for personal use only.
Audiobooks can also be downloaded in addition to music.
Additionally offered are poetry readings, radio programs, and public affairs presentations.
filters the search results for you according to themes, media type, language, and other criteria.

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