Best 10 Discord Music Bot in 2023 (That Still Works)

The enjoyment should not end even after Groovy and Rhythm’s demise. As a result, this post will introduce you to the best music bots for Discord that can be used to replace these bots.

The announcement of the shutdown of services of the two most popular Discord music bots, Rhythm and Groovy, surprised many users. If you appreciate listening to music while chatting on Discord, you may have also heard of or utilized these bots.

Yet, the termination of these highly-rated bots is not an end to the fun. There are various additional Discord music bots that still operate.

We will introduce you to some of the best music bots for Discord that you can employ to keep the party going in this post. Let us go through them without further ado.

Best Discord Music Bots that are still operational in 2023

The following are the best music bots for Discord that you may use after the demise of Groovy and Rhythm. If you are new to bots, you should first learn how to add bots to Discord before proceeding to the list below.

1. Hydra Bot

Let’s first look at Hydra Bot. It has always offered intense competition to Rhythm and Groovy because to its wealth of customization possibilities, various language support, commands list, and many other features.

Talking about the features, the following are some of the significant aspects of Hydra Bot that make it one of the best Discord music bots.

Major elements of Hydra Bot

  • Features like autoplay, 24*7 playback, audio effects, etc., in the premium version
  • Top-notch and easy-to-use bot

2. Mee6

The best music bots for Discord continue with Mee6. Mee6 is used by approximately 14 million servers because of its response roles, custom commands, moderation, and other important features. When the conversation is about features, you should not miss the following.

Major characteristics of Mee6

  • Notifies you about new material available on YouTube and Twitch\s Gives prizes as you level up
  • Rearranging songs with drag and drop

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3. Jockie Music

It is now time to introduce you to Jockie Music. It is among the best Discord music bots that still work for a number of reasons. For example, it allows you to play music from many sites such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and many more. As far as the qualities of Jockie Music are concerned, you should know its following aspects.

Main aspects of Jockie Music

  • Availability of a wealth of audio effects, such bass boost, 8D, karaoke, echo, distortion, and tremolo
  • Allows the installation of 4 Jockie bots to a single server so that you may handle several music-listening sessions
  • Round-the-clock voice channel availability even during the idle time

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4. Fredboat

Next, we would like to discuss about Fredboat. Similar to Jockie Music, Fredboat can play music from sites such as Bandcamp, Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, and others. What makes this bot unusual is that it allows you to build a playlist so that songs play even without specifying a song following the finish of the last one.

Also, the following are some other noteworthy Fredboat characteristics that make it one of the best music bots for Discord.

Fredboat’s main characteristics

  • Plays music with no quality loss
  • Search tool that enables you search for music using their name
  • One of the best open-source music bots for Discord that is still operational

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5. Zandercraft

If you are seeking for a Rhythm or Groovy alternative, Zandercraft might be a wonderful choice. With this bot, you can even play Hi-Fi and XHD, i.e., additional HD music. Additionally, the following are the most fascinating Zandercraft features.

Zandercraft’s main characteristics

  • You may play and add songs to the queue.
  • It allows you to search for music and make playlists.

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6. Chip

The next name on our list of the best Discord music bots is Chip. With the help of this bot, you can quickly pause music, restart it, skip/stop unwanted music, and check the song queue. Apart from it, the following qualities make Chip a very appealing pick as one of the best music bots for Discord.

Major aspects of Chip

  • “ch!help” command offers a list of the commands you may need\s 24*7 playing, audio effects (such as bass boost and nightcore), and a specific instance for Patreon page subscribers

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7. Vexera

Vexera comes in at number seven on this list of the best music bots for Discord that are still functional. Vexera provides a lag-free and seamless user experience by using YouTube as its music supplier. Moreover, powerful moderating tools, as well as the following characteristics, make Vexera an excellent alternative for you.

Vexera’s distinguishing characteristics

  • Quick search for music you desire to play
  • In-channel controls for music playback and queuing
  • Allows you deliver welcoming messages to newly recruited members

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8. Aiode

Aiode is ranked seventh on this list. It is among the best music bots for Discord for various reasons such as the smooth playing of Spotify tracks. The following factors validate its popularity and position on this list.

Major aspects of Aiode

  • Direct music search on Spotify
  • In addition to Spotify, supports additional providers including Soundcloud and YouTube
  • There are several customizing possibilities.
  • Allows for the construction of cross-platform playlists.
  • Allows you play Twitch streams

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9. ProBot

Let us now have a look at ProBot. It is not only one of the best Discord music bots but serves a range of other uses as well. As far as music is concerned, ProBot searches for the same on YouTube and gives a multitude of highly-useful instructions for playing control. Additionally, the following are the most astounding ProBot characteristics.

Characteristics of ProBot

  • Allows you stream high-quality music
  • Easy music play/pause, queue up, or skip
  • Aids in server moderating.
  • Embeds are supported.
  • System customization for the Discord server

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10. ChillBot

Do you enjoy low-fi music? If so, you will undoubtedly love ChillBot. It continuously broadcasts lo-fi chilled-out music. Moreover, ChillBot, one of the best music bots for Discord, may entice you to utilize it due to the following advantages.

ChillBot’s main characteristics

  • Intuitive and easy commands to operate the bot
  • You get the vibe of a radio station

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