Top 15 Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps for Android in 2023

Without a doubt, Instagram would be at the top of the list when discussing the finest photo-sharing website. Facebook owns the free picture and video sharing app.

Currently, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. The advantage of Instagram is that it provides a few other capabilities in addition to picture and video sharing.

Reels, IGTV, Stores, and other features are available on Instagram. Many people have begun using Instagram Reels since TikTok was banned.

Instagram Reels: What Are They?

A new Instagram tool called Instagram Reels lets you make and share quick films. It is a TikTok clone.

Most Indian users now use Instagram reels to showcase their creative abilities since TikTok was banned. You are reading the proper post if you’re a content producer seeking for the finest techniques for editing Instagram reels.

Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps Ranking

The best video editing applications for editing Instagram Reels will be discussed in this post. Let’s look at the top free reel editing program for making viral films.

1. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

The greatest app for creating Instagram reels is Splice. You may use the software to quickly and easily produce Instagram Reels movies of high quality. You may use it to crop the videos on your Instagram reel that are already there or to make a new one with the proper aspect ratio.

You may mix your clips, edit or chop sections, add text and a soundtrack, and more with the video creator. You also have the choice to publish a video straight on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok after generating it.

2. Mojo — Stories & Reels maker

A popular Instagram reel video editor for Android cellphones is Mojo — Stories & Reels creator. The app’s templates are the most notable feature. It offers templates for any platform you can imagine.

Choose the Reels template and edit your movies to make an Instagram reel. You may combine, trim, and chop video clips, as well as add text, special effects, and filters.

3. InShot

You might be aware that Instagram Reels is recognized for its vertical videos if you frequently watch them. Although you can submit landscape films to Instagram Reels, the results won’t be ideal. You must find a solution to change your landscape movie into a vertical one in order to improve the attractiveness of the piece.

Your issue with landscape videos can be resolved using Inshot, a video editing program. InShot adds a dynamic background that is a blurred version of the original video, depending on the aspect ratio you’ve chosen. This makes it one among the top Android applications for editing Instagram reels.

4. FilmoraGO

Another one of the top Android applications on the list is FilmoraGO, which you can use to make fantastic short viral films. FilmoraGO is on our list since it fixes the video playback issue.

While Instagram enables you to slow down videos by 0.5 or 0.3 times, FilmoraGO provides additional choices for speed modification. You may, for instance, speed up or slow down video by up to 5 times. When finished, you may upload the video straight to Instagram.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

On the Google Play Store, Adobe Premiere Rush is a complete picture editing application. The advantage of Adobe Premiere Rush is that it handles the challenge of converting a landscape Instagram reels video while maintaining all of the necessary details.

The software contains a tool called “Auto Reframe” that automatically analyzes the video and finds the item in the middle. You can then choose to break the movie into many portions to increase the efficiency of the reframe.

In the divided sections of the video, you may use a variety of effects. To utilize the software to its fullest extent, you must purchase the premium version.


The main purpose of the well-known Android software VITA is to overlay videos on top of other videos. The advantage of VITA is that it provides a comprehensive video editing interface.

The video editor may be used to change the video’s size, rotation, and audio levels, among other things. There are no hidden fees and the software is free to download and use.

7. Funimate

One of the top free video editing apps for Instagram reels is Funimate, which is available for Android. With the help of special features like transitions, personalized animations, video and text effects, and filters, you can spice up your freestyle films with this program.

Additionally, Funimate lets you add overlays, backdrops, and stickers to your films. It’s one of the top Instagram reel editors available right now.

8. VN Video Editor

On VN Video Editor, you can discover editing tools regardless of your skill level. A popular app for creating Instagram reels with music is VN Video Editor.

You may edit videos using multi-layer timelines with VN Video Editor Pro. Additionally, you receive a green screen or chroma key to alter the background.

9. GoPro Quik

One of the top video editors and slideshow creators available on the Google Play Store is GoPro Quik. GoPro Quik creates cinematic audio edits of your best moments in a matter of taps, bringing them to life.

For all your editing needs, it provides a wide range of straightforward yet effective picture and video editing capabilities.

10. YouCut

YouCut is the only software you need to consider if you’re seeking for a video editor/movie maker or a video trimmer & joiner for Instagram. With the help of the program YouCut, you can edit videos like an expert.

With only a few touches, YouCut enables you to quickly make your own films from images or video clips. The altered videos don’t have any watermarks and are free to download and use.

11. Reelsy Reel Maker Video Editor

The best Instagram reels video editor for Android is Reelsy Reel Maker. The software is being used by millions of people to make visually appealing movies on Instagram.

What’s this? Over 500 reel designs, unique soundtrack, and other features are available in Reelsy Reel Maker. You must choose a template and begin modifying the video right away to begin.

A no-watermark Instagram reel-maker app is also available for Android. You can get Reelsy Reel Maker Video Editor for free from the Google Play Store.

12. Promeo

One of the top Instagram Story and Reels creator applications available on the Google Play Store is called Promeo. At the moment, Promeo offers more than 10,000 ready-to-use templates for usage with social media.

You also receive a lot of royalty-free music, stock images & videos, stickers, filters, and other things in addition to the video templates.

Therefore, Promeo provides all the tools you want to produce great Instagram reel videos.

13. ShotCut

ShotCut is a comprehensive music video editing software for Android that can be used to make videos for YouTube, WhatsApp Status, Instagram clips, and other platforms.

For trimming, chopping, combining, and dividing videos, the program provides editing capabilities. Additionally, a variety of filters and transitional effects are provided.

ShotCut also has capabilities for recording voiceovers, adding markings to the track, and extracting audio from videos.

14. Vidma

An very lightweight and user-friendly music video editing software for Android is called Vidma. You may make stunning reel videos using it to post on your Instagram account.

With a large range of music and visual effects, it is a fully featured video editor and movie creator. Your films’ quality may quickly be raised with the help of this app’s effects, which will also help them stand out on social networking platforms.

Video cutting, combining, transition effects, and other fundamental video editing tools are a few of Vidma’s most useful functions.

We really enjoy the app’s popular filters and effects. Your movies will seem more colourful in no time thanks to some unique filters and effects available on Vidma.

15. Videoleap

One of the greatest Android applications for making free Instagram reel videos is Videoleap. Like the other programs described in the article, it is a video editing app.

Recently, Videoleap received some new AI tools that may instantly change the feel of your films. Your movies can be altered by applying AI filters and effects.

You may edit movies and tales using Videoleap, add the edit to your reel films, make YouTube clips, and more.

These are some of the top Android smartphone video editing applications. With these free applications, editing Instagram loops is simple. Please let us know in the comment section below if you are aware of any other similar applications.

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