Top 12 Best Face Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

Photo morphing is an excellent approach to improve your photographs. You’ll never know what your face will seem like at the end if you can blend two or more photographs. If you’re skilled at uploading attractive and gorgeous photographs on social media, using the finest face morphing apps will be a lot of fun.

Face morphing applications are useful for morphing and editing images with various effects. Most of them have facial recognition technology, which allows them to detect faces before morphing, resulting in realistic and smooth results.

Best Face Morphing Apps for iOS and Android

There are several face morphing software on the market. If you don’t have time to browse the internet, we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve compiled a list of applications that will make your photos shockingly amusing. Here is a list for you.

1. Banuba

In a single click, Banuba may transform your face into that of a famous celebrity or pop star. This software for Android and iOS provides a plethora of chosen collections of filters to make fun of your face, as well as an ultimate selfie app for capturing amusing images.

This face morph software showcases a number of significant features, the most notable of which is face swap, which allows you to trade faces with a Hollywood actor or celebrity. It also has a voice changer, which allows you to modify your voice in a video to sound like a superhero or a humorous animal.

Feeling underwhelmed by the face swap? Banuba allows you to edit photographs and videos with amazing effects to suit your requirements. If you’re pleased with the outcome, please share it on your social media channels.

2. FaceApp

FaceApp is an outstanding tool for morphing your face that boasts AI intelligence. This is one of the most popular photo editing applications, with millions of active users worldwide, providing you with fast access to a large community for inspiration and sharing hilarious photographs.

FaceApp offers several features. It includes a set of filters, chosen sets of backgrounds, and effects to create lifelike photographs. The convenience of use features brought to your table make it simple to upgrade your photo with a few touches.

Furthermore, this greatest face morphing tool offers both picture and video editing. You may use video editing to apply preferred filters to any video and improve your portrait recording. If you’re satisfied, post your changes to your social network profiles.

3. Reface

Reface has been used by millions of people to improve their images and videos, and you might want to join them. This top-rated picture morph software allows you to turn everyday stuff into humorous images or movies to share with friends and family.

This program allows you to effortlessly transform faces with a few easy clicks. It also contains a face changer so you can see yourself in viral videos or classic movies. This is made possible by AI technology.

There are several additional applications for Reface. While face switching in photos and videos is routine, it also gives inspiration with daily updates on GIFs and videos. This photo morphing program also has a built-in share button and filter tools to help you improve your material.

4. FacePlay

FacePlay, which is available on the tool Store and Google Play Store, is a terrific tool for changing your face and upgrading your content. When you join, you’ll gain quick access to a variety of video altering templates. Simply select a template, upload a picture, and let the app handle the rest.

FacePlay includes a plethora of customization options for your design. This app has you covered whether you want to appear gorgeous with urban beauty or attempt a different style with minority attire.

This program has a straightforward design, so there’s no way to become overwhelmed when using it. Choose your favorite photo and watch how FacePlay can elevate it.

5. Jiggy

Jiggy is designed for you if you want to create fresh and original stuff from your photos. By animating photographs and changing faces, you can make humorous films, stickers, and GIFs with this face swap software. Only with a photo can this software automatically recognize your face and switch your faces.

You don’t have to be a professional picture or video editor to use Jiggy. It offers lots of options for immediately creating humorous material, such as stickers, emoticons, and dances. Even better, you can use animation to bring antique photographs to life.

6. Face Swap

Face Swap is a face merging tool that allows you to swap out faces in photographs and movies. You may put a face changer filter on camera or swap faces live with a few easy taps to capture photographs and videos like never before.

It has a collection of live masks that may be applied to your films or selfie photos for a more enjoyable experience. Face Swap has you covered whether you want to take fresh shots or alter images from your collection.

This program has three primary functions: live camera for swapping faces and applying masks on live camera, picture editor for applying face swap and filters to your image collections, and video editor for cutting a clip and applying face swap filters to stored videos.

7. Faces

Faces, which bills itself as a hilarious face changer, demands your attention. This greatest face morphing tool allows you to add entertaining effects to images and videos for any occasion. Feel free to experiment with your selfies and films using your phone’s selfie camera.

Faces feature amusing frames as well as a big selection of hats, wigs, glasses, and even masks to let you personalize your selfie video. It also has a GIF creator for you to share with your friends and family.

Faces is quite simple to use. Start your selfie camera and take a selfie. Select a video clip and execute a live face swap with your favorite celebrities or pets. When you’re finished, save your GIFs or films and share them on social media.

8. Face Morph

If you enjoy face morphing, you will enjoy the Face Morph app on your Android device. Morphing your face is made simple with this program, owing to its beneficial features and straightforward UI.

This greatest free face morphing program allows you to swap between different faces, such as celebrities, friends, and even animals. It also has automated facial detection to get lifelike results. Furthermore, it allows face blending for mixing faces for a startling face.

Face Morph has been used by millions of individuals to have fun with their selfies and images. If you’re tired of typical photos, this software will improve your portraits.

9. Celebrity Face Morph

If you want to morph your face into that of a star, this software is for you. This software, which has celebrity face morph as the primary star, is assisted by AI technology for lifelike results. It does not require any editing skills due to the automated work.

It has the power to turn your image into amusing sceneries, making it one of the finest celebrity face morph applications. You may now see how you’d seem in a different face.

What’s more, Celebrity Face Morph lets you choose your favorite celebrity. Once you’ve made your selection, let the app handle the rest—everything is handled automatically. Watch the outcome and have a good chuckle with your loved ones.

This software offers automated face identification and facial expression algorithms for improved performance in terms of features and functionality. It also offers face mixing, face warping, and many more features.

10. Multi Face Blender

You can probably guess what this program can accomplish based on the name. It can synthesis various faces from several images, allowing you to combine distinct looks and be astonished by the outcome. If you’re familiar with other face morphing apps, Multi Face Blender is worth considering.

Multi Face Blender, like other face morphing programs, is simple to use. To begin, choose the desired faces and who you want to adjust—you may use the eraser as needed. You may also change the skin color, as well as the brightness and saturation.

You no longer need to manually detect faces thanks to automated facial recognition. You may also define a synthetic point for the desired face blending.

11. Pic Morph

Pic Morph is one of the greatest face morphing programs for swapping faces and making awesome GIFs. It has an appealing appearance and provides the greatest approach to transform the faces of friends, relatives, celebrities, or even oneself.

Using this program, you must choose which faces to exchange. It features comprehensive capabilities to help you choose the best photographs and sizes for the best results—don’t worry, the program will handle the tricky part for you. Then, from the images, pick between GIF and video and prepare for the surprise.

12. Face Story

With the appropriate app, changing faces can be a lot of fun. And if you’re searching for an app to do the job, Face Story is worth a look. It works beautifully to transform oneself into renowned celebrities or beloved animals and is available for iOS-based smartphones.

Face Story includes automated face recognition, which aids in the detection of human faces. This program uses sophisticated facial feature extraction to provide lifelike results, allowing it to simply synthesize your photographs. Face Story makes morphing faces that much easier.

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