Top 7 Best Android Emulators for iOS in 2023

The fastest-growing smartphone platform in the world, Android, offers users a ton of fantastic apps and games. But alas, iOS devices cannot run the Google operating system. This makes it impossible for iPhone users to utilize many wonderful Android tools. But does it really have to be a restriction? No! To experience these two digital behemoths together, read our list of the best Android emulators for iOS phones!

Android Emulators for iOS

Want to utilize the fantastic Google operating system on your iPhone while adding thousands of brand-new games, applications, and tools? Then all you require to enjoy the best of both worlds is an emulator. Discover the top Android emulator for iOS by reading on!

1. iAndroid

Let’s have a look at iAndroid, the first app on our list of Android emulators for iOS. This application has been around for a while and is well known for its incredible features. It is compatible with a variety of iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This emulator’s ability to run all Android apps on your iOS devices is one of its finest features. You may also take use of personalized Android widgets thanks to it. To use this software, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 6 or later.


Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well as other iOS devices.
enables the usage of all Android applications on iOS devices.
provides users with access to custom Android widgets.
utilizes iOS 5 and later.
performance that is reliable and constant.
Updates and bug fixes are ongoing to ensure maximum performance.
offers graphics of a high caliber.
provides all the advantages of Google OS.

2. GBA4iOS

GBA4iOS is the ideal Android emulator tool for iOS to add to your toolbox if you’re a gamer. This program is intended specifically for Nintendo fans and players. It makes it possible to play a wide variety of console games on your iPhone, which is every gamer’s dream. To make gaming more enjoyable, you may easily change your settings. This emulator has great visuals and a simple UI, which makes it a favorite among gamers.


specifically designed with Nintendo gamers and enthusiasts in mind.
allows you to play both Android and a variety of console games on your iPhone.
Settings may be changed by users to make them simpler to use.
allows for the direct import of R.O.M. files into the application after they have been downloaded using the Safari web browser.
There is a sleek UI and clear images.
sophisticated GameBoy emulator.
Permit access to game saves across numerous devices by connecting to and syncing with Google Drive.

3. iNDS Emulator

Do you need a fantastic Nintendo DS emulator for iOS? Then you may stop looking! One of the greatest Android emulators for iOS is iNDS Emulator, which is a terrific choice for iOS users who want to play their favorite DS games on their gadgets. Because you can run this emulator on your iPhone without jailbreaking it, it stands out from the competition. Before, that was not feasible. It is simple to use and ideal for DS gaming enthusiasts. Try out iNDS Emulator!


enables users to utilize their iPhones and iPads to play Nintendo DS games.
It allows you to store and load game progress and features adjustable controls and multiplayer gameplay.
Having an intuitive UI, it is easy to install and operate.
support for external controllers.
supports a variety of file types, such as nds, zip, and rar.
Support for cheat codes, programmable graphical settings, and full-screen mode are among the advanced features.
upgrades that include bug fixes and new features.

4. Alien Dalvik

Let’s focus on the iOS Alien Dalvik Android emulator right now. This specific Android emulator is one of the most popular ones out there for both iPhone and iPad users.

In 2011, Myriad Group AG released the program for non-Android systems. It is a preferred choice for both developers and IT aficionados because to its exceptional performance and ability to run all sorts of applications with ease. Whether you want to tweak settings, install custom ROMs, or simply experiment with your favorite Android applications, this emulator has your back.


Without any adjustments, running non-Android apps makes them operate more smoothly.
Run quickly and without latency.
Excellent performance and responsiveness are intended to be provided.
is compatible with the majority of applications and games well.

5. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is a useful tool to try out if you own an iPhone or iPad and are looking for a handy method to access Android apps. The iPhone can display the screen of your phone using this iOS Android emulator. You may use it to run Android apps on your iPhone as well. It is simple to use and offers a ton of fascinating features for both businesspeople and gamers. Everything from moving around to playing games is fantastic with it!


allows iOS mobile device mirroring on an Android device.
elegant user interface that is welcoming.
offers mirroring that runs smoothly and without latency.
enables Android game play for iOS users.
enables the use of Google Maps and other Android services and apps on iOS.
supports a range of communication methods, including as USB and WiFi.
Features for recording the screen and taking screenshots.
The vast majority of iOS devices are compatible.

6. MechDome

The California-based startup MechDome, which was founded in January, has created a conversion tool that creates native iOS and OS X apps on your Android app. No additional IDE or API abilities are required. You may send an APK file to MechDome by email, and the fully automated software will quickly produce a standalone binary for iOS and OS X, ready for the developer to submit to the Apple App Store. If you want to deliver a native software to every device without paying engineering expenses, MechDome is the best technology to use!

MechDome is compatible with Android AOSP API level 22.
Virtualization is not used.
Security is not in danger.
It ensures iOS compatibility without requiring any code modifications.
Use Android tools like Quartz Composer, Core Animation, and Android Studio to develop UI with better UX performance.
There are several UX techniques that may be used to enhance the user experience.

7. NDS4iOS

The NDS4iOS emulator allows users of iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and higher to play Nintendo DS ROMS directly on their iPad and iPhone. The emulator also contains features like Dropbox compatibility and support for iOS 7 controllers. For iOS users, NDS4IOS is likewise cost-free. You may download the program and set up your iPad or iPhone without jailbreaking it.

Nintendo DS emulator for iOS.
Utilize an iPhone or iPad to play DS games.
compatible with devices running iOS 5.1.1 and newer.
Run and enjoy ROMs without cost.

Advantages of an iOS Android Emulator

The benefits of utilizing an iOS emulator include the following:

You may access Google’s tools and functionality on iOS devices thanks to the program.
Google Search, Google Maps, Drive, Pictures, and many other services are available for use.
The main advantage of an emulator is that you may test out all the features without having to buy a smartphone by installing the smallest Android emulator on an iOS device.

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