Top 12 Discord Music Bot That Still Works in 2023

Top 12 Discord Music Bot That Still Works in 2023

Even when Groovy and Rhythm are gone, the party should go on. As a result, this post will introduce you to the best music bots for Discord that may serve as an alternative for these bots.

Several users were astonished to see that the services of the two most popular Discord music bots, Rhythm and Groovy, had been suspended. You may have heard of or used these bots if you enjoy listening to music while chatting on Discord.

Yet, the deactivation of these highly rated bots does not mean the end of the fun. Some additional Discord music bots are still operational.

We will introduce you to some of the greatest music bots for Discord that you can employ to keep the fun going in this post. Let us go through them without further ado.

Best Discord Music Bots that are still operational in 2023

The following are the best music bots for Discord that you may use now that Groovy and Rhythm have been decommissioned. If you are new to bots, you should first learn how to add bots to Discord before proceeding to the list below.

1. Hydra Bot

First, let’s take a look at Hydra Bot. Because of its multitude of customization possibilities, many language support, commands list, and many other capabilities, it has always been a formidable competitor to Rhythm and Groovy.

In terms of functionality, the following are some of the noteworthy elements of Hydra Bot that make it one of the greatest Discord music bots.

Hydra Bot’s main characteristics

2. Mee6

Mee6 follows on our list of the greatest music bots for Discord. Mee6 is a popular choice for over 14 million servers because of its response roles, custom commands, moderation, and other essential features. When it comes to features, you should not overlook the following.

Mee6’s distinguishing characteristics

3. Jockie Music

It is now time for you to meet Jockie Music. It is one of the greatest Discord music bots that is still operational for a number of reasons. It, for example, allows you to play music from numerous sites such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and many more. In terms of Jockie Music’s traits, you should be aware of the following.

Jockie Music’s distinguishing qualities

4. Fredboat

Next, we’d want to discuss Fredboat. Fredboat, like Jockie Music, can play music from several sites such as Bandcamp, Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, and others. What sets this bot apart is that you can create a playlist and have songs play even if you don’t set a song to play after the last one finishes.

The following are some more outstanding Fredboat features that make it one of the greatest music bots for Discord.

Fredboat’s main characteristics

5. Zandercraft

Zandercraft is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a Rhythm or Groovy alternative. This bot can even play Hi-Fi and XHD, or additional HD audio. Moreover, the following are some of the most fascinating Zandercraft features.

Zandercraft’s main characteristics

6. Chip

Chip is the next name on our list of the finest Discord music bots. This bot allows you to simply pause and restart audio, skip/stop unwanted music, and check the song queue. Aside from that, the following qualities make Chip a very appealing pick as one of the finest Discord music bots.

Chip’s Key Characteristics

The “ch!help” command offers a variety of commands that may be required, such as 24*7 playback, audio effects (such as bass boost and nightcore), and a distinct instance for Patreon page subscribers.

7. Vexera

Vexera is ranked sixth on our list of the finest Discord music bots that still function. Vexera provides a lag-free and seamless experience to consumers by using YouTube as its music supplier. Moreover, powerful moderating tools, as well as the following characteristics, make Vexera an excellent alternative for you.

Vexera’s distinguishing characteristics

8. Aiode

Aiode comes at seventh place on this list. It is one of the greatest music bots for Discord for a variety of reasons, including smooth Spotify song playing. The following characteristics support its popularity and ranking on this list.

Aiode’s Main Features

9. ProBot

Let’s have a look at ProBot now. It is not only one of the greatest Discord music bots, but it also serves a range of other functions. In terms of music, ProBot searches for it on YouTube and provides a multitude of quite handy instructions for playing control. Moreover, the following are the most eye-catching ProBot characteristics.

ProBot’s Features

10. ChillBot

Do you enjoy low-fi music? If so, you will undoubtedly love ChillBot. It continuously plays lo-fi chilled-out music. Furthermore, the characteristics listed below may entice you to utilise ChillBot, one of the finest music bots for Discord.

ChillBot’s main characteristics

11. Rythm

Consider the following choice as one of the greatest Discord music bots. If you wish to share your music with others, Rhythm is a suitable option for you. This tool’s easy three-step approach allows you to get the most out of the bot with simplicity. Some of Rythm’s best characteristics are listed here.

Rythm’s Characteristics

12. BMO Discord Bot

BMO Bot is the final item on this list of the greatest Discord music bots. The BMO bot is really useful for anyone who enjoys sharing music with other broadcasters and watchers. This bot is really engaging and entertaining to use. For further details, see the BMO bot characteristics listed below.

BMO Bot Benefits

Finally, the Best Discord Music Bots

Our top picks for the greatest music bots for Discord are listed above. You can select any of these bots based on your needs.

If you know of a better Discord music bot, please leave it in the comments area. You may also leave your questions/concerns/suggestions in the comments section for us to handle.

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