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Top 13 Best Free Stock Video Sites in 2023

There is no doubt that video content is on the increase. YouTube, the most popular video streaming service, has established itself as a popular platform for content providers. Not only YouTube, but many more services exist on the internet that pay people to create unique films.

Now that everyone has an Android smartphone and enjoys viewing videos, this may be an excellent opportunity to enter the YouTube market. Making movies at regular intervals, on the other hand, is not as simple as you may expect. Before posting a video, a video maker should consider a number of factors.

Creating video content may be costly since we require the necessary technologies and resources. To make things a little easier, we’ll present some of the best free stock video sources for finding unique films.

Best Free Video Stock Sites

You may use these stock movies in the same way that you can use stock photos. You may use these videos into your material to enhance it. So, let’s have a look at the top free stock video websites.

1. Mixkit

Mixkit may not be as well-known as the other sites on this list, but it is still one of the better alternatives. This website offers hundreds of free stock video clips for use as website backdrops, music videos, marketing videos, advertisements, and so on.

Almost majority of the videos on the site are free to download and use, and there is no need to join up. When it comes to video genres, Mixkit offers a variety of options like business, fashion, travel, technology, performing arts, and more.

2. Coverr

Coverr is another excellent stock video source from which you can obtain high-quality films for free. The videos on Coverr do not have watermarks and do not demand credit. Nature, People, Love & Relationships, Virtual backdrops, Fitness, and more video genres are available on the website.

Almost all of the videos on the site are free to download and use. So, Coverr is another excellent stock video source from which you may obtain free movies for your projects.

3. Pixabay Videos

Pixabay appears to be the finest alternative for stock photos and movies. Pixabay now provides over 1.2 million free photographs and movies.

All videos produced under the Creative Commons Zero Licence can be used in your online or offline project. There are a lot of stock videos on the platform. To find the unique videos, you must delve deep inside the site.

4. Pexels

Pexels is another excellent resource for finding free stock images and movies. Videos, like photographs, are available on Pexels under the Creative Commons Zero license.

The best part of Pexels is that you don’t have to sign up for an account to download the movies. There are no restrictions on downloading videos.

5. Videvo

Videvo also provides a large collection of stock videos that you may use without providing attribution. What’s more, Videvo allows you to share your videos for others to download.

That implies that if you are a video producer, Videvo might be a venue for you to showcase your skills. If you want to get free stock videos, I can tell you that it includes a lot of Royalty-free videos that you don’t have to credit the creators for.

6. Life of Vids

Life of Vids can be your best bet if you’re seeking for a free video site that updates often. The website is well-known for its extensive video collection, and you may find many unusual films there. The site’s user interface is also rather clear; you may download and utilize any video for personal or business use.

7. Videezy

Videezy is another excellent website for obtaining free movie clips. The amazing thing about Videezy is its well-organized UI. The website features a separate section for HD videos. Aside from that, you may discover videos in a variety of genres. The site provides both paid and free videos; to get the free films, use the filter option.

8. Filmsupply

Filmsupply is a video site, however it mostly features premium content. When you create an account, you will receive three free clips that you may use on any commercial project. The premium footage on the site has a grand, cinematic vibe about it.

You may search for videos on the site by topic, genre, or mood. Yes, the cost of each footage is determined by your requirements.

9. RocketStock

Shuttershock has just purchased RocketStock, which provides a variety of interesting video clips. However, RocketStock contains more premium video than the free ones. You can still find some useful video to download for free on the site.

10. Vidsplay

Vidsplay is another excellent stock video website with a wealth of free video footage. The amazing part about Vidsplay is that it is updated on a weekly basis.

That implies there will be more new stuff every week. You may use the site’s search box to find the video clip you’re looking for. Vidsplay, on the other hand, does not host any 4K videos.

11. Mazwai

On the list, Mazwai is a free stock video website recognized for its highly curated, hand-picked films. All films on the site have been hand-picked by an in-house team of video specialists, have easy licensing, and require no sign-up. On the main screen, the site offers the most popular video categories, allowing you to select the one you desire.

12. Free Nature Stock

Another wonderful free stock video source on the list is Free Nature Stock, which is recognized for its 4K and HD nature stock footage. Almost majority of the videos on the site are free to use for business or personal projects.

13. Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a website that provides royalty-free stock footage, music, and video templates to anybody who wants to make a film.

You should not miss this website if you are a video creator. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your video requirements.

There is also a premium subscription that allows for limitless downloads. Overall, Motion Elements is a fantastic free stock video source that you should check out.

So, these are the greatest free stock video sources where you may acquire free films. These films may be used for social media or any other promotion. So, what are your thoughts on this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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