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How to Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly in 2023

A great music streaming service with millions of customers worldwide, Spotify is without a doubt. However, despite this, many users still have a number of issues when using Spotify for streaming. One of the most frequent complaints with Spotify is that it constantly halting. Can you imagine how annoying it would be to continually hit the Play button after each song?

You must learn how to resolve this problem if you want a better streaming experience with Spotify. Fortunately, there are a number of methods that might help you rediscover the fun of using Spotify for music listening. Let’s learn more about everything from the straightforward clearing of cache to reinstalling the Spotify app!

How to Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing

There are a number of reasons why Spotify continues crashing. Even if identifying a cause could be challenging, you need to be aware of a variety of fixes to the problem. To ensure that your Spotify music streaming experience is flawless, we have chosen a few strategies. Look at this!

1. Sign out everywhere

One of the causes of Spotify that is constantly halting is accessing the service from other devices. Because of this, signing out everywhere will aid in the problem’s resolution by requiring your account to sign out across all platforms. Simply adhere to the steps listed below.

Your data won’t be deleted if you sign out of all of your devices. Simply sign in to Spotify to see if the problem still exists.

2. Switch off high-quality streaming

Several Spotify difficulties can be caused by high-quality streaming. You should turn off high-quality streaming if you think that is the reason Spotify is crashing. However, you should be aware that turning off high-quality streaming may have an impact on the sound quality of the music you play. Use these steps if you don’t have a problem with it.

Only Spotify Premium subscribers have access to high-quality streaming. High-quality streaming won’t need to be turned off if you’re using Spotify Free.

To turn off high-quality streaming, do this on an Android, iPhone, or iPad.

High-quality streaming can be disabled to improve the application’s performance. Once you’ve used this technique, see if the problem still exists.

3. Disable energy-saving mode

On smartphones, turning on energy-saving mode is likely to have an impact on how well programs work. If the problem persists after you enable energy-saving mode, it is the cause of Spotify’s frequent crashes. Because of this, you must turn off energy-saving mode and test the system.

You must add the Spotify app to exclusion if you’re using a third-party battery saver.

4. Clear cache

While cache helps you have a better experience when using Spotify, things can still go wrong from time to time. When this occurs, it can lead to a number of problems, including Spotify that keeps crashing. You should think about deleting the cache to optimize app speed in order to resolve the problem.

Making a backup is not necessary because your data will not be lost if the cache is cleared. Your settings and Spotify account are secure.

5. Reinstall Spotify app

Consider reinstalling the application if the aforementioned techniques don’t seem to be working. Corrupted files may be a blame for Spotify’s recurrent pausing, so uninstalling the application may help. It will return to normal after you uninstall the program and download another Spotify app.

It can be annoying when Spotify keeps pausing. The methods mentioned above will be useful when this issue arises. Since it is challenging to identify the exact cause, you might need to test out the remedies to see which one works best for your Spotify account.

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