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What Is Picuki For Instagram And Is It Safe To Use?


Do you like to view Instagram stories anonymously? Picuki is a good Instagram app to try. Many people like browsing and sharing their images and videos on Instagram because it is one of the most popular media-sharing social networks around the world. It has a number of security measures, including the ability to keep your profile secret. This will prevent Instagram followers from viewing your posts unless they follow you.

Picuki is one of the best sites for viewing any Instagram profile anonymously, even without logging in. You must copy the profile’s URL or Username, and this website will display all of its posts and stories. If you’re new to Picuki for Instagram, keep reading until the end since we’ve covered all you need to know.

Picuki Instagram Viewer: Is It?

Picuki is a free service that allows you to view private Instagram profiles, stories, and posts without having to create an account. It masquerades your identity as an anonymous Instagram watcher, so the profile owner has no idea you saw their material. Picuki circumvents Instagram’s privacy restrictions by creating a new temporary account for each view, allowing you to browse private accounts anonymously.


Because this website is not linked with Instagram, we urge that you only use it for research and educational reasons. Picukri is what you need if you want to view someone’s stories or posts without letting them know. Continue reading this post until the conclusion to learn more about this great anonymous Instagram viewer.

Is it possible to watch Instagram Stories anonymously using Picuki?

Yes! One of Picuki’s key advantages is anonymous Instagram watching. Picuki creates a temporary account on your behalf when you use it to view a private Instagram story. This means that the profile owner will only see Picuki’s temporary account on their list of story watchers, not yours.

Picuki allows you to watch private Instagram stories, highlights, and IGTV videos privately without the other person knowing. Right now, this service is only available as a website, so if you’re looking for the Picuki app or browser extension, you won’t be able to find it, and you should avoid extensions that pretend to be Picuki.

How Can I Use Picuki On Instagram?

It is not difficult to use Picuki to view Instagram stories without an account. The website features a clean and simple interface that everyone can utilize without difficulty. To view the stuff written about the profile, simply enter its username or a hashtag.

You may view a profile’s stories, posted images and videos, and tagged media by entering its username. The total number of posts and followers is displayed on the website.

When you input a hashtag, you can view all of the material that has been posted. You can then view the material in full size or download the media file for offline viewing by clicking the Download option.

1. View Instagram Posts Using Picuki:

The first and most important aspect of the website is the ability to view the stories and postings of other users. This is the case even if the site is only available in the United States. Currently, the website only supports public profiles; to view stories and posts from a private account, you must connect using an Instagram account that follows the target profile. This functionality may be used as follows:

  • First, go to the official website at
  • Now, in the provided area, input your Instagram username or a hashtag.
  • When you click the search button, the website will hunt for material uploaded by that username or hashtag.
  • You can browse the material further to locate a relevant post.
  • Once discovered, click on the post to open it in a new window.
  • You can now read the post’s caption as well as view the tagged accounts and hashtags that were utilized.
  • It will also show a few comments as well as the overall number of likes for that post.
  • To view the media in its entirety, click on the symbol displayed at the top of the screen.

2. Download Instagram Media using Picuki:

If you wish to use Picuki to download Instagram videos and photographs secretly, open the media file and click the Download option. I can’t seem to find it. To download full-size Instagram media for free, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Search for any hashtag or profile on the Picuki website.
  • Click on the post you wish to download after you’ve found it.
  • Wait for the post to load, and then click the Download option just underneath the media file.
  • Simply click the Download option to save your material to your own drive.
  • Click the Down Arrow button on the list page to download the post without opening it.

3. Edit Media using Picuki:

Another fantastic feature of Picuki for Instagram is the ability to modify media assets on its website. It makes use of iframe technology to provide users with the basic editing features available on the official Instagram. It is really simple and convenient when you want to republish the information on another profile but do not want it to match the original. Here’s how to use Picuki to edit media files:

  • Navigate to the Picuki website and choose the media file you wish to modify.
  • Click the Edit button located beneath the media file.
  • When you select the Edit button, more options for the media file will display.
  • You may apply filters, change settings, add stickers, crop, or do anything else.
  • Finally, press the Download option to store it for later viewing.

Is Instagram’s Private Profile Viewer Safe to Use?

Most private Instagram profile viewers are secure since they do not need you to sign in or disclose any personal information associated with any account. Though there are numerous websites, programs, and applications that gather data in the background, you should avoid using them and instead adopt Picuki for Instagram to ensure your data is secure.

We tested Picuki and liked it because there are no minimal criteria to try the service. To get started, simply provide an account username or a hashtag. All of the results are given in grid format, along with the total number of likes and comments received by each post. You may then click on a certain post to view it in full size and explore a wealth of related material.

Assume you’re an Instagram creator looking for posts to repost on your profile or pages. In such a situation, Picuki’s popular feature may help you uncover popular content and hashtags in many categories.

To see all posts trending globally, click the Trending Button in the navigation bar. You may also locate posts with specific hashtags or categories by clicking on the Hashtags listed on the trending page.


Is Downloading From Picuki Safe?

Picuki is a well-known site that has been highlighted in various technical journals; therefore, we believe it is safe. However, there is always a tiny danger with downloading applications or browser extensions, just as there is with any third-party service. To remain secure, only download from Picuki’s official website and keep your security and browser software up-to-date.

Is it possible for someone to see whether I use Picuki?

No, Instagram cannot determine whether you are using Picuki to view profiles and stories on Instagram. Picuki creates temporary accounts for each view, so Instagram is unaware of the use of an external tool. In their viewer list, the profile owner will only see It’s temporary account name, not your true username.

Is Picuki the only Instagram viewer?

Yes, comparable technologies exist for accessing secret Instagram posts anonymously. InstaStalk, IgAnony, and Insta Stories Viewer are among Picuki’s competitors. While several function in a similar manner, they lack Picuki’s capabilities. Picuki is still one of the most popular anonymous Instagram observers.

Why is Picuki not working?

It isn’t functioning for you or you’re receiving a Picuki 403 Forbidden error for one of the following reasons: Instagram’s system was updated to temporarily disable the tool, as well as an inconsistent internet connection, browser compatibility issues, and overwhelming Picuki’s servers. Waiting a few hours or a day for Picuki to make an update usually fixes the problem.

Is a Picuki application available?

Picuki is currently only available as a website. The service formerly supplied a browser plugin, but it was removed. Picuki does not have a native app for iPhone or Android. It, on the other hand, performs great in mobile browser tabs on smartphones.


Picuki for Instagram is presently one of the greatest tools for viewing Instagram stories, reels, pictures, and videos anonymously. If you haven’t used it yet, you’re missing out on something intriguing. According to sources, Picuki’s Instagram reel downloader will be available shortly to allow you to view reels secretly. We attempted to provide as much information about the Picuki as possible for an Instagram website, and we hope you enjoy using it.

There may be other websites like Picuki, but none compares to its excellence. If you are having problems, such as Picuki Instagram stories not working, please inform us using the comments section below.

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