Top 10 Best Free Phone Validator Tools in 2023

Phone numbers are important since communication is so important in our daily lives. But not all phone numbers are reliable, and carefully checking them might take a lot of time. A free phone validator tool or API can fortunately come to the rescue. This approach will assist you in reducing your list of online possibilities if you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices available. So let’s get started.

Validator for Free Phones, Best

Some of the top phone validators on the internet have been gathered in a list by our team. These free bulk phone number validator tools will undoubtedly save you a ton of time, reduce the size of your contact database, and improve its accuracy.

Application of Free Phone Validator Tool

If your business relies on and gathers client phone numbers as a significant component of your services, this tool is essential for maintaining your databases free of invalid phone numbers. Numerous advantages of a free phone validator API include:

Let’s move on to the list now that we are aware of the benefits of an excellent phone validator tool.

1. Data 8

The Data8 Phone Validation service detects and verifies any entered number, whether it be a landline, a mobile phone, or a foreign number. It even formats the number correctly to match. It verifies the number’s digits as well as other elements like the network and location. A 14-day trial period is offered for all Data8 services.

With Predictive Address and Postcode Lookup Services, it collects numbers in the finest manner possible.
Data8 records email addresses accurately.
Data8 may be used to instantly validate bank information.
It fixes inaccurate information and deletes inaccurate records.

2. Real Validito

Real Validito allows you to look up information on a phone number, including its carrier and location, as well as whether it is valid, active, or invalid. You may also preserve your records and get exact client data. You may validate numbers without needing a credit card by utilizing this real-time phone validator API, which offers you 1000 free credits.

Validito assists in locating erroneous and abandoned phone numbers.
You can tell if a man or female caller is on the line.
It allows you to extract information from a ZIP or postal code, such as the city, state, nation, time zone, and area code.
One thousand phone lookup credits cost $10.00, five thousand phone lookup credits cost $30.00, ten thousand phone lookup credits cost $40.00, and twenty five thousand phone lookup credits cost $50.00.

3. Veriphone

Veriphone is one of the greatest free phone validator tools, offering services in 248 countries and 1000 free credits. Simply submit your CSV list, and the validator will instantly check the phone number. With the help of this tool, you may format any active phone number into a common international or local format and identify the nation of a number based on its prefix or the location of the IP address making the request.

It assists in confirming the legitimacy of phone numbers.
Any working phone number may be rewritten using Veriphone in either local or standard international formats.
The Starter Plan costs $6.99 per month, the Professional Plan is $29 per month, the Business Plan is $79 per month, and the Enterprise Plan is $199 per month.

4. TelValidator

The TelValidator phone number validator is a completely free phone validation service to eliminate spam and improve your customer experience. It includes phone verification data such phone kind, manufacturer, location, and more. Email validation is another function offered by the validator.

Information like phone type, company, and location are returned by TelValidtor.
The usage of it is free.
With its user interface designed for beginners, this application simplifies the entire procedure.

5. SMS Connexion

You may check the validity of phone numbers you’ve got from various sources with the SMS Connexion phone validation tool. In addition to calling a phone number, you may find out if it comes from a landline or a mobile device. The program assists in maintaining a clean user base by helping to validate phone numbers when they are entered into your database. More than 200 nations are covered by the tool.

A reliable and secure phone number validation solution is provided by SMS Connexion.
It’s simple to utilize this tool.
It allows you to export data to CSV or Excel files.

6. Numlookup API

trusted by more than 15000 businesses globally One of the most trustworthy free phone validator APIs is numlookup. Users of this tool can submit 100 requests each month. Additionally, it is helpful for small businesses that are expanding.

Frequent data updates produce better data for phone number validation.
Pricing: Small: $9.99/mo (7000 Requests), Medium: $34.99/mo (65000 Requests), and Large: $74.99/mo (300,000 Requests) are all free.

7. Informatica

Informatica validates the legality of phone numbers from more than 240 countries and territories so that you may have clean data leading your company. It is a simple tool to use.

adds time zones to phone number data to improve it.
prevents making late-night calls to clients.
A 30-day free trial of Informatica’s cloud data integration software is available.

8. Numverify

One of the most reliable free phone validator APIs is Numverify, which is supported in around 233 nations. This API for phone validation aids in generating quality leads. Additionally, Numverify may be used to keep a perfect user database.

checks phone numbers before they are entered into the system.
aids in fraud prevention.
Pricing: Free is $0.00 per month for 100 requests; Starter is $14.99 per month for 5000 requests; Pro is $59.99 per month for 5000 requests; and Enterprise is $129.99 per month for 250,000 requests.

9. Abstract API

You may trust the moniker Abstract API because some of the most prosperous endeavors utilize it. There are 190 countries where this phone number validator API is accessible. Additionally, the Abstract API includes data at the municipal, region, and national levels.

Because of Abstract’s reliable uptime and top-notch technical support, developers rely on it.
aids in quick project launches.
provide crucial geographic information about a phone number.
Pricing: Free is $0.00 per month (100 Requests), Starter is $9 per month (1000 Requests), Pro is $49 per month (7000 Requests), and Enterprise is $499 per month (75,000 Requests).

10. Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot runs a series of tests that let you tell the difference between real and fake phone numbers. It verifies phone numbers against the global E.164 phone number standard. Additionally, this utility detects extensions automatically.

runs verification such as a format check and country or city code check.
eliminates often used acronyms.
compares favorably to other systems in terms of phone validation.
Pricing: Free plan costs nothing per month for 50 records, Medium plan costs $79 per month for 3,000 records, and Large plan costs $149 per month for 10,000 records.

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