Top 15 Amazing Strategy Games Like Clash of Clans You Should Play

One of the most compelling mobile strategy games ever is Clash of Clans. After the game’s introduction in 2012, it has steadily ascended the success ladder.

The game is so popular that even in 2023, people are still downloading it via the legitimate app stores. The game can be played on smartphones with low to mid-range specs and is quite addicting.

The best games like Clash of Clans are sought for by enthusiasts of this genre following its enormous success. Do any games exist that compare to Clash of Clans? In reality, sure! On your Android smartphone, you may download and play a variety of games similar to Clash of Clans.

Best Android Games like Clash of Clans

You may get the majority of these games at no cost from the Google Play Store. So let’s look at the best Clash of Clans alternatives.

1. Boom Beach

It is a game created by Supercell, the company that created the well-known game Clash of Clans. Although the game’s genre is essentially identical to that of Clash of Clans, there are several significant differences.

This game offers far better quality, and you may build impressive forts, weaponry, and constructions. Similar to Clash of Clans, you may manage your soldiers. Overall, this game is similar to others of its sort, although it offers a few extra features and superior visuals.

2. Jungle Heat

You create a military base in this game, complete with troops you can command to defend it from intruders.

The entire game takes place in the jungle, where you must defend your base against intruders and then equip your army with new weaponry by vanquishing your foes. Competing with other players of this game is another option.

3. Viking Wars

What if you and your tribe had to abide by the jungle’s laws in order to survive? In this game, the experience is identical to being in the jungle, where you must live by according to certain regulations in order to obtain your resources.

In order to obtain resources in this game, you must attack neighboring tribes; but, you must also defend your own tribe from outsiders. You may expand your tribe by inviting your friends who also play the game, and you will be rewarded with resources as a result.

4. Castle Clash


You may enlist your pals to help you expand your base, and you can then train the many types of warriors you’ll need to defend it from intruders.

To create a powerful empire, you must increase your strength and conquer the other bases. Although this game and Clash of Clans are quite similar, this one offers considerably greater enjoyment.

5. Clash of Kings

One of the best multiplayer games available online is Clash of Kings. In this game, you may compete against other online players to win their favor and expand your empire.

You must devise quick-thinking methods to win this game while also defending yourself from other players who are your foes. The experience you will have playing this game cannot be quantified, but the graphics are fantastic.

6. Clash Royale


This game has been around for a while. However, much like Clash of Clans, this game is quite addicting. This game’s characters resemble almost all of those from Clash Of Clans.

The fact that Clash Royale was created by Supercell, the same company that published Clash Of Clan, is its best feature. Clash Royale’s gameplay is based on gathering cards. You may unlock new characters and enhance the ones you already have with the cards you receive for defeating your opponent.

7. Hay Day

Another incredibly addicting game from Supercell is called Hay Day. You have to construct your farm, take care of your crops, and conduct trades with your neighbors and friends in this game.

Therefore, Hay Day can be your best option if you enjoy playing farming-based strategy games on your Android device.

8. Minecraft

On your Android smartphone, you should have this one more of the best strategy games. In the game’s survival mode, the player must gather materials to construct the planet and keep themselves healthy.

9. Little Commander

You may experience the Second World War’s action in all its splendor in this game. In this game, the player must save the day by destroying the Nazi bases. Against this constant assault, players must strengthen their defenses and maintain control of their positions.

10. Clash Of Lords 2

One of the top-rated games on the Google Play Store is Clash Of Lords 2. Though very simple, the game is comparable to Clash of Clans.

The gameplay in Clash of Lords 2 is straightforward and uncomplicated, but everything else in Clash of Clans 2 is unchanged. From the very beginning, the game keeps you engrossed in thrilling combat.

11. Plants vs. Zombies 2

On your Android smartphone or tablet, you may play this, one of the best tower defense games available. The game has outstanding visuals and straightforward gameplay, and it is enormously popular.

Simply growing plants on your yard will aid in the zombies’ destruction. The game includes a variety of plants, each with a special ability.

12. Civilization Revolution 2

You’ll like the best strategy game, Civilization Revolution 2. In the game, you have to create an empire that will last.

With a fresh 3D design and greater tactical nuance, the action is simple and addicting.

13. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom is a game that you will like if you enjoy playing Clash of Clans. Intensity-wise, Total War Battles: Kingdom is superior to Clash of Clans.

Similar to Clash of Clans, the game requires you to establish your kingdom. Similar to Clash of Clans, Total War Battles: Kingdom has conflicts and battles as well as the ability to develop your army, grow your territory, and construct your own kingdom.

14. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is the only game you need to play if you enjoy turn-based civilization strategy games. Millions of people have already started playing the game, which is quite well-liked.

In this turn-based civilization strategy game, you may take control of the world, battle other tribes, explore new areas, and learn how to use cutting-edge technology. The game includes three distinct ways to play and is really addicting.

15. Battle Islands

Although Battle Islands differs slightly from Clash of Clans, it is still a strategy game that needs constructing and managing. You must manage the armies of the air, sea, and land in this tactical strategy game with a World War II theme.

You must construct your garrison, engage in friendly conflict, and forge strong allegiances. Attacking the opponent island and taking their resources is how most games are played. You’ll be hooked for hours thanks to the game’s many entertaining features.

These games are also a lot of fun to play after downloading any of the games from the list above. These games will keep you entertained for a while and help you forget about Clash of Clans. Grab any of the games on the above list and start playing it if you want to enjoy something different from Clash of Clans.


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