Top 10 Best Free Driver Updater for Windows 10, 11 in 2023

You can easily improve your computer’s speed by updating drivers for free using the finest driver updater software.

A computer that was once lightning-fast eventually becomes as sluggish as a snail. Ever questioned why? In addition to problems like increased clutter, outdated drivers are a major cause of a computer’s decline.

A driver serves as a communication link between your computer and the numerous devices you have connected. It aids your PC in quickly comprehending and carrying out the activities you want it to.

Because of this, you should constantly maintain the drivers current. Since manually upgrading drivers is difficult, you may use the best free driver updater to complete the work.

The finest driver updaters let you update the device driver automatically and effectively by checking your device for out-of-date drivers. Choosing reliable software to update drivers is another difficulty, though.

There are a ton of free driver updaters available for Windows 11, 10, and earlier versions. Not all of them, nevertheless, are trustworthy and only download approved drivers.

As a result, we put in the effort to sift through a vast selection of driver updaters to locate the program that is actually the best driver updater accessible for free. To assist you in making the best decision, we thoroughly evaluated each program’s features, user-friendliness, performance, and many other aspects.

Best Driver Updater Tools and Applications of 2023 (both Free and Paid)

The list of the top free driver updater programs for Windows 10, 11, and 2023 is provided below.

1. Bit Driver Updater

Let’s start off our selection of the top driver updater programs by using Bit Driver Updater to obtain and install driver updates for this PC. This Bit Guardian program upgrades drivers effortlessly while ensuring a smooth and optimal PC experience.

Additionally, Bit Driver Updater is renowned for its unrivaled dependability. To guard against any damage, it exclusively installs WHQL-certified and manufacturer-released drivers on your computer.

The following characteristics also contribute to Bit Driver Updater’s success in earning the top spot among the top 17 driver updaters.

Read the Whole Bit Driver Updater Review Characteristics of Bit Driver Updater

2. Quick Driver Updater

Next, allow us to offer Quick Driver Updater to you. It is commonly known that this program enhances the computer’s gaming capabilities. Additionally, it resolves frequent issues like WiFi or malfunctioning printers by upgrading the printer drivers or other troublesome drivers.

This program earns a spot on our list of the best driver updater for PC by offering the capabilities listed below in addition to assisting you in resolving irritating problems.

A Quick Driver Updater review Essential Elements of Quick Driver Updater

3. Outbyte Driver Updater

Outbyte Driver Updater, yet another top driver updater for Windows 10 devices, is now available. The program can carefully scan your device to find and install any pending driver updates. It is totally automated. You can locate missing or out-of-date drivers with a quick scan.

In addition to updating the drivers, you may also optimize the hardware, which can improve your device’s performance overall. Although the tool has a seven-day free trial period, in order to continue using it, you must upgrade to the paid version.

Characteristics of Outbyte Driver Updater

4. Driver Booster

Speaking of IObit’s Driver Booster, it is one of the greatest tools for updating drivers thanks to its real-time automated driver upgrades. Additionally, this program offers a fantastic game booster to assist you improve your gaming experience.

Additionally, the following characteristics help establish Driver Booster as one of the top totally free driver updaters.

Full evaluation of Driver Booster Characteristics of Driver Boosters

5. Driver Easy

Another well-liked and top-rated free driver updater is called Driver Easy. Even without an internet connection, you may use this software to check your computer for outdated drivers. Additionally, you may schedule driver scans on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, you may perform the scan every time your machine boots.

Additionally, Driver Easy has a ton of helpful features, like the ability to create restore points and update drivers in bulk.

Key Characteristics of Driver

6. Ashampoo Driver Updater

On our list of the top Windows driver updaters, Ashampoo Driver Updater is included. Because of how simple to use it is, it is a widely used piece of software. Additionally, it swaps out outdated drivers for outdated and unsuitable ones to maximize the performance of your computer. To improve the gaming performance of your system, for instance, your old graphics driver may be updated with a newer, more suitable driver.

The capabilities listed below further support this software’s claim to be the finest driver updater for Windows 11, 10, and earlier versions.

Characteristics of Ashampoo Driver Updater

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7. Auslogics Driver Updater

The Auslogics driver updater is among the top free driver updater programs since it can guarantee flawless hardware performance and avoid compatibility problems.

You may boost your computer’s speed by resolving driver-related problems using a quick and simple-to-use software. These qualities make this program one of the top driver updaters in 2023 in addition to its clear and user-friendly design.

Characteristics of Auslogics Driver Updater

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8. Driver Talent

We cannot omit Driver Talent, formerly DriveTheLife, while talking about the finest free driver update software. It promises to update all out-of-date drivers on your computer with only one click. Furthermore, it also functions offline.

The most endearing characteristics of this top automated driver updater for Windows 10 and other versions are as follows.

Characteristics of Driver Talent

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9. EaseUS DriverHandy

The finest free driver update program is EaseUS DriverHandy, which comes next. This software’s automated driver scanning and installation, backups, and restoration features are popular with people all around the world.

EaseUS DriverHandy is an ideal option for the list of the top automatic driver updaters to update the WiFi driver, scanner driver, and all other drivers since it has a driver database of more than 5 million drivers and the following features.

The Best Things About EaseUS DriverHandy

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10. Avast Driver Updater

Given that it is one of the top driver updaters, Avast Driver Updater is a well-liked option for upgrading Windows drivers. Its speedy scans and simple driver upgrades are liked by users.

Furthermore, this one of the top 10 driver updaters has the following unique characteristics.
The Best Things About Avast Driver Updater


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