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6 Easy Ways to Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App in 2023

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “optimizing”? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? It denotes receiving an improved version of something you already have. It is regrettably not a positive problem for Android users. Some Android phone users, including those who use Xiaomi, Samsung, and other brands, could become irritated when they see this word. Read the entire article if you want to avoid finding yourself in that predicament because you’ll learn how to resolve the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” problem.

You should be aware of what Android does when it reads “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” before we move on to solve it. In keeping with its claim that it is “optimizing apps,” Android does update the apps. So presumably, once the process was complete, all apps could adapt to the new Android version. Unfortunately, the issue does occasionally arise. For instance, it reboots for a full 24 hours before doing nothing. The message may also persist and obstruct your view.

The Cause of the “Optimizing App” Problem

Keep your patience while fixing “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” for a while. You should be aware of the causes of this illness. Knowing the cause can enable you to aid your friend later or avoid making the same error in the future. Here are the explanations:

Updated Android Version

As we previously discussed, when your Android says it is optimizing, it is actually optimizing itself. Android updates to the most recent version, keeping you current. In all honesty, this approach benefits you because the app will operate more quickly. But keep in mind that once the optimization is done correctly and your apps may react, this could happen. This notification will show up if neither is accomplished as you had hoped or if more time is required.

inappropriate apps

Every application on your Android device needs to work with the current version of Android. When you download an app, you might not give the app’s details any thought. Once the “Optimizing App” notification has been displayed repeatedly, you have just realized. You then realize that only “equal” apps were approved for installation. Yes, “Optimizing App” could be brought on by an Android app that isn’t appropriate.

faulty apps

This indicates that when you downloaded and installed one app, something happened. Your battery suddenly runs out, which most likely means that the installation is incomplete. As a result, the procedure has effectively stopped and cannot be completed. The app can be faulty and cause the notice about optimization to display.
Fixing the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” Issue

Now is the time to learn how to resolve the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” problem. Don’t let this issue get you down. Fortunately, there are lots of approaches you can try to repair it. Just attempt the below trick one at a time. Hopefully, you now have at least one strategy that helps:

1. Wiping the Cache

This approach may be one of the standard fixes, even for the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” problem. Wiping the cache can be a good solution. It is less risky than performing a factory reset. Your Android won’t erase your info when you clear the cache. Your smartphone stores temporary data in the cache. The information is buried, but it is saved because your gadget anticipates a future need for it. As a result, it finds it simpler to recall.

2. Uninstall the App

Have you recently installed a new program that you downloaded? If the “Optimizing App” displays as soon as you add a new app, that app most likely contributed to its appearance. Simply attempt to remove the new app to see how Android reacts. Make sure the app is removed from your phone by uninstalling it from the Play Store.

3. Do Restart Without Plugging

The more optimized an app is, the more battery life it uses. It is comparable to trying to resolve the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” error. Most likely, your battery drains more quickly. However, please unplug the phone before trying to restart it. Sometimes it helps to unplug your phone from the charger while the rebooting procedure is underway.

4. Remove and Reinsert the SD Card

Keep in mind that your Android device contains an SD card. The issue might also be resolved by this thing. After the shutdown or reboot process is finished, wait. The SD card should then be removed for a moment before being reinserted. Change the device’s default storage configuration as soon as your Android starts on. After that, select the storage choice in the settings. The option to format or delete the SD card is available. You might choose to format or wipe the SD card if you believe it to be the cause of the issue.

5. Factory Reset

This might be a workaround for the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, your Android will be like new. Your phone will reset to the default settings after all data and settings have been removed. Therefore, you should first back up the data. The data can be sent into the cloud or copied on your laptop. Utilizing the cloud is actually more advised. Because once your Android returns to normal, it will be simple for you to access it again.

A factory reset is similar to clearing the cache. So, you should first go to recovery mode. You then select the factory reset option as indicated on the screen. Google log-in requires a PIN or password here. Swipe the old app syncing to disable it if the login process was successful. After wiping all data from the phone, you can restart it.

6. Contact the Factory

Use this final option if you’ve already given up. when you have tried every previous strategy without seeing any results. Call your Android’s manufacture. Inform them of what occurs and what you just did to your phone. Similar ideas to the one above may be made to you. If you have attempted any of those five strategies, let customer service know. If you contact the factory directly, hopefully they will have a better answer and be able to solve your issue.

It takes time to resolve the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue. This cannot be completed quickly because various scenarios are possible. Additionally, there are numerous methods to handle it. Sometimes a particular approach works, but it doesn’t work the same way on every phone. It is understandable because the “Optimizing App” displayed due to several choices.

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