Best 12 Context Menu Editors For Windows in 2023

Best 12 Context Menu Editors For Windows in 2023

The Windows context menu’s relevance fluctuates depending on how you organize it. Often referred to as the right-click menu, it is normally meant to make your activity easier and more straightforward, but too many items might make it tedious. A packed menu is difficult to manage, and you may even miss your desired choice. A sophisticated Context menu editor for your Windows 10, 11 device can help you cope with this.

Although you may manually add and delete menu items, if you do it incorrectly, it may harm the health of your operating system. With the help of the best context menu editors for Windows, you can easily customize them by following our recommendations.

The Top 10 Best Context Menu Editors For Windows 10, 11, and 8:

The best context menu editors for 2023 are listed here.

1. Easy Context Menu

Are you seeking for a simple and effective solution to help you manage the items in the context menu of your system? Then the Simple Context Menu is a great option.

Why Choose Simple Context Menu?

2. Shell Menu View

This little but feature-packed utility is next on our list of the best context menu editors for Windows. With just a single right-click, you can easily enable and disable context menu options.

Why Choose Shell Menu View?

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is next on our list of the Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10. The application has outstanding context menu optimization and management functions in addition to its well-known PC-tune-up capabilities.

Why Use CCleaner?

4. MenuMaid

A crowded and disorganized context menu has you down? For a quick and simple tuneup, use Menu Maid.

Why Choose Menu Maid?

5. Context Edit 

Context Edit is next on our list of the Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10. Although it is outdated software, it does not fall behind in functionality when compared to newer tools.

Why Choose Context Edit?

6. Right-Click Extender

Right-Click Extender, developed by Windows Club, is another utility for managing context menu items.
Windows 7, 8, and 10 are all compatible with it.

Why Choose Right-Click Extender?

7. Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is another Context Menu Editor that you may use on your Windows 10 device. It is available in both a free and a premium edition with more features.

Why Choose Right Click Enhancer?

8. File Menu Tools

File Menu Tools is a good option to consider if you’re still searching for the best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10.

Why Choose File Menu Tools?

9. ShellExView

ShellExView is yet another fantastic and feature-rich context menu editor for Windows 10. It is a highly configurable utility that may improve the capabilities and operation of your Windows Operating System.

Why ShellExView?

10. Ultimate Windows Customizer

With this wonderful context menu editor, you can adjust, tweak, and configure a variety of settings on your Windows device. It has a small footprint and does not require a lot of system resources.

Why Choose Ultimate Windows Customizer?

11. Glary Utilities 

Glary Utilities, which is well-known for its optimization and system cleaning tools, also serves as an enabler and disabler of right-click menu options. It is available as an installation as well as a portable version and works flawlessly on the Windows platform.

It is quite simple to use and involves only a few simple steps:

12. Fast Explorer

Quick Explorer is an excellent option if you’re still seeking for the best context menu editors. The utility combines the functionality of Shell Menu View and ShellExView. It may be used to remove, delete, or deactivate numerous shell extensions and Context menu items and is compatible with Windows XP and later versions.

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