Top 10 Android TV Apps Most Viewed In 2024

Top 10 Android TV Apps Most Viewed In 2023

This list has been compiled to assist you in your search for the finest Android TV applications. The applications listed below are must-haves for improving your viewing experience.

Android TV is similar to Smart TV in that it allows you to simply stream or utilize an application. Android Tv is becoming popular because to its ability to employ applications to provide the greatest user experience. Despite the fact that many people have purchased Android TV, they are losing out on the finest application for it.

If you’re looking for applications for Android TV, this post will provide you with the best apps as well as apk for Android TV, so without further ado, let’s have a look at the list.

Top Android TV Apps for 2024

The applications listed below can be used on your Android TV. You may download and use these applications regardless of the brand you possess.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the greatest Android TV applications available. This software provides a large number of live TV stations. Sports, news, leisure, and other genres are among the channels on the list. This is an excellent alternative to cable TV since you can watch whatever you want on your Android TV without even needing a cable connection.

The app includes networks such as NFL, ESPN, The Food Network, BBC, CNBC, and many more. Although the app is free to download, if you want to watch live television, you must purchase a membership for $20 a month.

Apart from its capabilities, the program is also really beautifully designed. Unlike other applications, changing stations will not take long. You would feel as though you were watching regular television and could simply change channels. It also supports cloud-based Digital Video Recording.

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2. Send Files to TV (SFTV)

SFTV is another excellent program for your Android TV; you may have felt the urge to exchange files with your TV, in which case you may use this app. You may transmit things like as photographs, movies, and music via the app location. Sharing files is a relatively straightforward process. All you have to do is pick the devices to share and receive them; no wired connection is required.

The key to remember is that both devices must have the app in order to connect and exchange files. Other from that, you must connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

We maintained this app on our list of the top applications for Android Tv because it doesn’t take long to exchange files; simply choose the device and share it within a few minutes. The time it takes to transmit files varies on the quantity of files you are sharing, but other from that, the software operates really well on average. Thus, if you’re searching for an app to aid you with wireless transfer, this is the one.

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3. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the next Android TV app on our list. The software rose at the opportune time, following the demise of ES File Explorer. The user appreciates its distinct design and characteristics that make their lives simpler. It has a two-pane structure that makes navigating and finding files very simple.

The app allows you to control the storage on your Android TV. With the program, you may remove and uninstall applications that you no longer need. You may also add your FTP server if you like. This application’s features and user-friendly UI make it one of the top applications for Android TV.

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4. Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Another amazing software and apk for Android TV that you may use in 2021 is Picture Gallery and Screensaver.
In comparison to the apps listed above, this one is rather unusual. It maintains the user’s security in mind by upgrading in accordance with current standards. Some users may require the functionality, but if it interferes with security and privacy, the developers will remove it.

You may use the application to set the best screensaver on your TV that you would like watching. The best thing is that the app is specifically intended for the task, making it the finest software for Android TV.

Besides from the screensaver functionality, you may also add photos, modify the screen’s aspect ratio, apply transition effects, and conduct a variety of other operations. You may also connect your Google account and use photographs from it as a screensaver. These are the characteristics that distinguish it as one of the top Android TV applications to use in 2021.

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5. VLC

VLC media player is one of the most popular video and picture watching software. The software has been available for some time and has mostly superseded the use of default programs. You may use it with your Android TV as well and enjoy an excellent video viewing experience. This program supports all major video formats and can even play videos that have been encoded.

The program can even decode videos encoded with the HEVC H.265 codec. It also has a highly user-friendly interface that anyone may simply adopt. The program intelligently categorizes media into many categories such as audio, video, and others.

Other from that, you may use this program to regulate hardware acceleration. This software comes pre-installed on several Android Televisions. If your TV does not have this app, you may simply download the app or apk for Android TV, which is accessible for free and does not contain any in-app purchases.

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6. Aptoide

Aptoide is another amazing Android TV software since it allows you to utilize other Android apps. Aptoide allows you to utilize all of your favorite applications regardless of where you are. This app is similar to Google Play Store in that it allows you to download numerous additional programs for your smartphone.

This app provides access to all apps, including those that are not available on the Play Store. The best aspect is that you don’t have to worry about security or privacy because this program is serviced directly by the creators, with no intermediaries involved.

This is a free program that will assist you in locating all of the essential apps that are not even accessible on the Play Store. To find the best applications for Android TV, simply search or browse the categories.

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7. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular programs across all operating systems; whether you use Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, you’ve probably heard of it and, in some cases, used it. The app is regarded as the greatest because of its music recommendations; it provides the best music based on your prior searches and listening.

The app is now available for Android TV, allowing you to quickly listen to the music you want for free. This software for Android Tv offers over a million songs for you to choose from; all you have to do now is search for the music or playlist you want and you’re ready to begin.

This software is even pre-installed on some TV sets. If you don’t have it, don’t worry; simply download the app or apk for Android TV. While the program contains commercials that interrupt the music, if you want an uninterrupted music listening experience, you can upgrade to the premium plan and enjoy unlimited skips and ad-free music.

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8. Netflix

When it comes to the greatest video streaming app, Netflix has always been at the top of the list. This app provides TV shows, movies, and other entertainment options. You can certainly utilize the Netflix app for Android TV to watch the finest videos of all time. The nicest thing about this app is that it is available in nearly every nation.

The program design is likewise straightforward, with several categories to assist you locate exactly what you’re searching for. It has a large selection of movies, TV shows, and Netflix originals. The application comes pre-installed on the majority of Android TVs.

The app does provide a one-month free trial, but after that, you must select a subscription. It provides many plans based on your needs; you can select and pay for the plan that you want to watch limitless movies and programs.

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9. Haystack

There are many new applications available for your Android TV, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll like them all. Many people are tired of new applications with outdated interfaces. If you are one of those people, this software is for you. Haystack is often regarded as the greatest Android TV app.

The applications provide news on a variety of themes such as gaming, technology, science, politics, and current events. The best aspect about this program is that it has a beautiful user interface that is ideal for an Android TV; the creators considered Tv when creating this application, which is why it is the finest one to use.

It also incorporates news from a variety of sources, including AP, CBS, BBC News, and many more well-known media outlets. You may also check the weather reports in addition to the news. The weather area is located at the bottom of the screen, so you may simply ignore it. Overall, this is the greatest news app for Android TV.

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10. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that allows you to search the internet for anything. Everyone has probably used this browser before, but Android TV does not come with it pre-installed. But, you may install it simply by installing other Android TV apps. There is no doubt that this is the greatest web browser for fulfilling all of your internet demands.

But, you will install the Android application so that you may access all of the options available on other devices.
Because it is not accessible on the Android TV Google Play Store, you may need to utilize a third-party software installer to obtain it. Because this is a free browser, we encourage that you install it.

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